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You are at the right site if you are planning a visit to Sopron and would like to discover the beautiful sights and all the hidden treasures of this charming town, often called the „Western Gate of Hungary”.

Did you know that Sopron is the second richest Hungarian town, regarded the number of protected monuments? Only Budapest has got more of them…

Even the oldest protected monument house of the country is to be found on its Main Square.

Do you know why Sopron is called the „Most Faithful Town” of Hungary?

Have you heard that famous musicians Franz Liszt and Joseph Haydn had strong connections with this city?

Also surroundings have to offer a lot: from the site of the famous border run of East-Germans in 1989, where European history has made a turn, through Fertő Lake / Neusiedler See region protected as World Heritage, to rememberences of the famed Esterházy princes.

You are welcome to take part in one of my sightseeing tours to get acquainted with these beautiful and exciting sights with a lot of anecdotes and a smile…

Should you get thirsty during the tour? No problem, wine history in the „Capital of Bluefrankish Wine” goes back to ancient Roman times so we have quite a lot to offer also on this area.