My town Sopron

The Western Gate of Hungary”, „The Most Faithful Town”, „The Capital of Bluefrankish Wine”, „The Most Flowery Hungarian Town 2009” – Sopron has been awarded several titles during its long history.

The town with its 60.000 inhabitants is located in the westernmost corner of Hungary. The Sopron valley has already been considered by the Romans an appropriate place to settle down. To the north, it is surrounded by the Balf Hills, to the south by the Sopron Mountains, called Lőverek by the locals. Balf Hills are famous for the vineyards bringing excellent wines, while Lőverek is well-known for its woods, clean air, six lookout towers and the protected cyclamen flowers.

Sopron is the richest Hungarian town regarding the number of scheduled monuments right after the capital Budapest. Its sights are ranging from ancient Roman ones to those commemorating outstanding events of very recent times, such as the famous border breakthrough of 1989, leading to the pulling down of the „Iron Curtain” dividing Europe.

On the curving old streets hiding in the shade of the Firewatch tower – the well-known symbol of Sopron – numerous outstanding monuments and hidden treasures are awaiting visitors.

It is worth coming to Sopron for cultural experience, too. There are several festivals organized based on Joseph Haydn’s and Franz Liszt’s musical heritage. Venues for the concerts are often provided by one of the monument churches of Sopron.

Sopron has not by chance been listed among the 30 most beautiful European small towns according to a recent survey by the Japanese Tourist Board.

Curiosities of the historical wine region of Sopron can be discovered in the old cellars of appreciated wine growers, accompanied by some local delicacies and a pleasent chat.

You are welcome to discover Sopron on a pleasent sightseeing tour, during which besides the easy-to-find sights even the most beautiful courtyards and the most hidden passeges will open up to you.

You can get acquinted with the famous legend of the Goat Church that explains its rare name and you can get to know whether the name of Bluefrankish wine is a heritage by the soldiers of Napoleon.

Fountain of Fidelity

Main Square with Firewatch Tower

Door knocker